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Problem when trying uploading Files from android (Delphi XE6)

I have a problem when trying to upload a file using BackendFiles in delphi. When running the code on Windows it work just fine, however when running the same code on Android it throws an exception

This is mi code: 

stream := TFileStream.Create(path,fmOpenRead);

BackendFiles1.Files.UploadFile('upload.jpg',stream, 'image/jpeg',LEntity);

And this is the exception that it throw: 

"no mapping for the unicode character exists in the target multi-byte code page"

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Hello Christian,

Unfortunately, we don't provide support for Delphi at this time.  From what I can tell, you're trying to upload a file and the Delphi library isn't handling that properly.  I think that you can do this via REST api, though it's slightly harder.  I would follow up with the developer who created the Delphi library in this case.


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