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POST Request with tls=true fails

 I'm trying to send POST request for an upload link for a file.  When I use:


Then I get an upload link in the response. However when I use


I get the error: AppNotFound. I've checked and it seems to be the same format called for here: Any idea what's wrong?

Good morning Dawn,

I am not getting that error when using user / masterSecret credentials for my application.  I am calling: from PostMan and getting a json response from Kinvey with the appropriate response.

Can you give this a shot and see if the RestAPI returns properly for you as well?


I just tried inserting a "/" before the "?" in the string (e.g., /blob/MyAppID/?tls=true) and now it does return the upload URL.  I'm using the user/appSecret credentials for my application, not the master secret.

Thanks for your help.


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