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Send a push notification from application? [Titanium]

This topic was created 1 year ago, so that's why I'm asking again.

I'm developing an iOS application using Titanium, and want to send push notification to specific user from the app itself, is that possible?Like on Facebook app, when you Like someone status, the other people receive the notification.
If is not possible from the app itself, is there a way to create a Backend Logic and take care of it there? How to do this?

Thanks in advance!

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Good day Carlos, 

This is possible though it will take a little bit of finesse.

Using the same facebook analogy you did earlier, when someone likes a status it will push to the user that made that status... so in this case, you would get the user ID that you wanted to push to, and perhaps you had a collection called "itemsToPush".   From there using business logic you could use an onPostSave hook for your users collection (or in this case your status collection... either would work, it's just a matter of architecture / preference) that would find users that had a push pending, then call push from business logic.

To get started with business logic we have a helpful guide that shows some examples (how to push, how to set up collection hooks, etc) available over here:

Please let me know if you need anything else,

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