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Kinvey SDK 1.37.0: For GET requests, service response is not automatically stored in "response" variable.


I am passing a variable "response" in "hostToKinveyPropertyMapping" function. Then invoking a GET request using datastore.queryWithQuery API. 

override func hostToKinveyPropertyMapping() -> [NSObject : AnyObject]! { return [ "method " : "method", "param" : "param", "entityId" : KCSEntityKeyId, "response" : "response" ] }

Once I get the service response, this service response should be automatically stored in "response" variable. But it is not happening for GET requests. For POST and PUT requests, service response is stored in "response" variable and it is fine.

Please check and let us know

Hello Selva, 

This is scheduled to be looked at during our next development sprint, which is scheduled to start on Wednesday, and will (hopefully) be addressed in the 2 weeks following that.  I will keep you posted on any movement in this ticket on our end.


Hi Damien,

Any update on this? 


Hello Selva, We are seeing the same thing on our end.  Let me speak to our iOS engineer and see if this is the intended behavior of the library.


Hi Pranav,

Your understanding is correct. For GET requests, response is not automatically set to "response" variable which is passed in "hostToKinveyPropertyMapping". But for POST, PUT requests, response is automatically set to "response" variable. Please let me know why this change in behavior. Thanks

Hi Selvakumar,

I implemented similar scenario of "hostToKinveyPropertyMapping" function and called GET using datastore.queryWithQuery API and It worked fine. 

After getting response from GET method, it will not update the object automatically. We have to assign response to the object to update it.

Can you provide me the code relevant to GET, POST or PUT methods so I can better understand the issue?



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