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Ember.js User Query

I guess the fact that there's no "ember" to post the topic in answers my question, but what I'd like to know is how to query for users.  I have a working iOS app which fetches users based on their custom attributes I've added, like "available".  I'd like to make a query in my ember.js app which does the same.  But when I create a Kinvey.Query and add query.equalTo("available", true) I get a 404 from the Kinvey server after the promise is returned in my route's model function.  If I don't add the equalTo(), it correctly pulls all the users, which isn't what I want.

So...  How do I fetch users based on their properties in ember?

Hi Ben,

Which library version are you using for Ember?

Also, can you paste the working code sample for fetching the users?



I'm using the one specified in the sample app.

The following code gets me all users:

... = Ember.Route.extend({


model:function() {

 var query = new Kinvey.Query();

var promise ='user', query);

return promise;


When I add this line (between 'var query...' and 'var promise...')

query.equalTo('available', true);

I get a 404 from Kinvey.

Obviously, the difference is one has a query string, the other doesn't.

The successful path is /user/kid_********, while the failing path is:


Hello Ben,

I was able to track down this issue, and it may relate to how Ember is querying the backend.   I have our main Ember engineer taking a look at this for you now and have given him steps to reproduce the issue at this time.


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