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Can you still pay $7 for another 1000 Active Users with the new plans?

Hey, you guys recently changed your plans and the free tier now allows up to 1000 active users which is great news. However, it no longer says anything about being able to pay $7/1000 Active Users. Is that still an option or will developers now be forced to move to the $200 indie plan once they pass 1000 active users? If so, that is unfortunate as $200/month will not be feasible for me and probably many developers who are hovering only slightly above 1000 active users.


All that is great, but at the end of the day, with the previous plans, I would pay $32/month if I had 1000 Active Users, now I will have to pay $200/month. There is now a gap for devs who have enough users (say 1000-5000) to not fall into the Development Plan but not enough users to be able to sustain $200/month just for server costs. If you guys can offer a solution, that would be great. Otherwise, I would have no choice but to switch to another BAAS.

Hello Gary,

The goal of the pricing plan is to simplify usage tiers for developers so they know exactly what they will be charged on a monthly basis.  While we recognize this eliminates the overage pricing per user, there is significant value received in both the Development and Indie plans that allow room for growth in your application.   Please feel free to reach out again if you want to try to reduce your users, or if you need help with other aspects of the plan.


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