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how to handle KCSAppDataErrorDomain

In my app,  I want to create a new entity and save it to the back-end. Unfortunately I keep getting the KCSAppDataErrorDomain when I call the store.saveObject method. Any idea what KCSAppDataErrorDomain means?



Yes, we can query multiple fields at the same time by using "kKCSOr" and "kKCSAnd" boolean operators.

Please go through the following link for better understanding :

Let me know if you need any further help.


Hi  I believe it was my typo that caused the issue. However, I have a business logic preSave hook and i keep getting a runtime error saying "there is an unexpected token u". Do you know how I can solve the problem?


'KCSAppDataErrorDomain' represents errors that occur while using AppdataStore.

Can you go through following link which explains data store error handling and find the type of error occurred using "code" property :

Let me know if it's helpful or you need any further help.


Thanks for the help. Also for another question about kcsquery,is that possible to query multiple fields at the sams time

"Unexpected token U" error might be related to JSON parsing. That error is normally seen when the value given to JSON.parse is actually undefined.

If above information does not help, can you provide me with the relevant code for preSave hook for which you are getting error?



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