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App crash : F/Looper (31887): Could not create wake pipe. errno=24

App crashes often if the number of Kinvey writes are very high. As soon as we start doing about 50-60 writes (all fired in parallel) every minute, after every X minutes the app crashes with a fatal alert in the logical from Looper. Googling around seems to suggest that this happen because of resource leaks if pipes etc are not allocated/deallocated correctly. The problem goes away if we reduce the number of writes. I have played around with the of batch_rate and batch_size but it doesn't seem to help. Intact it made the situation worse for some combinations of rate and size. 

We are trying to see if we can reduce the number of writes but while we do that just wanted to make sure if this problem is known and if yes, do you have any recommendations to get rid of this problem?



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Can you please explain why you are batching these rather than just firing them off as you need, rather than batching them?  Can you also provide me with the version of the library that you're using and how you're making these calls / what device type you're running on?