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_acl field authorization and Setting Permission Shared

I have set Setting -> Permission to Shared in Web Console of Kinvey

I update a field using node.js like below:


and _acl.creator of this field is the login userid but I got

Kinvey: Failed to update the document. { name: 'InsufficientCredentials',
  description: 'The credentials used to authenticate this request are not authorized to run this operation. Please retry your request with appropriate credentials',
  debug: '' }

When I added


to _acl field, then it's fine.

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Hi Mark,

For data collections and users, shared permissions are explained as follows: Alice can see Bob's data, she can modify her own data, but she can't modify Bob's data.

It seems that you are trying to update a row which was created by some other user. The gr - globalRead / gw - globalWrite addition to _acl will override the collection level permissions and allow every authenticated user to read and write to that row.

Let me know if you have any such issues.



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