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Xamarin - Unable to add email on create or update

I have just started using Kinvey and have not been unable to create a user with an email or update the user with the email.

Register code (creates user with no email)

AsyncUser myUser = myClient.User();
myUser.Add("email", "");

myUser.Create(UsernameText.Text, PasswordText.Text, new KinveyDelegate<User> {
    onSuccess = (user) => {
       Console.WriteLine("user registration success");
    onError = (error) => {
       Console.WriteLine("base Exception -> " + error.GetBaseException());
       Console.WriteLine("Registration failure");

Update code (fails with error) - Code from Xamarin documentation

myClient.User().Add("email", "");

User updated = await myClient.User().UpdateAsync();


Self referencing loop detected for property 'Member' with type 'System.Reflection.MonoMethod'. Path 'KinveyClient.logger.Method.ReturnTypeCustomAttributes'.

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