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iOS Push Notification not working for single phone

I have checked push notifications on multiple different phones and usernames and usernames.  For some reason one of my users does not receive push notifications, they had an iPhone5c and then recently switched to an iPhone6S+ and still do not receive any push notifications.  I was wondering if there is something with Apple that would be forcing this to happen or if you have any other ideas of what might be going on.

Thank you

The users all have _messaging filled in for this user.  I can also log in on multiple users on the same device and still not receive push notifications.  When registering for push, there were no errors and the version library that we are using.  I am not sure exactly the kinvey kit that I am using, but the KCSPush.h says it was copyrighted 2008-2013.  I am not sure if that is helpful, please call me if you can so we can better clear up what this issue may be.  603-818-6802


You are using a version of the library that is out of date and doesn't support iOS8 or 9 (apple rearchitected how push works in iOS 8, so there's a hard-fork in the library after that).  You can easily handle this bug by updating your library to the most recent version, which is available over here:

Can you try that out for me?


 Thank you I am having trouble updating to the new version but one of the errors I had was related to Device token so this sounds like it could fix our issue. I am having trouble with my saved NSDate objects and trying to save NSDate object into kinvey databases. I will have to resolve these issues before I can be sure this fixes our issue. Thank you for your help.


A few questions for you.  

1. When you check this user in your users collection, do they have anything in their _messaging field?

2. When this user registers for push, are there any errors on the device?

3. What version of the library are you using to handle the push notification?


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