When trying to link a custom endpoint to a Flex function handler or view Flex function handlers in Kinvey Console, you receive "Could not reach your Flex service" error (There was an error connecting to the data source, check your configuration).


The described behaviour indicates that the Flex Service is not running properly.

  1. Check the status of the Flex Servicekinvey flex status - it should be ONLINE if everything is fine. Most probably the status is not ONLINE and this would indicate that the Flex service is not running and that is why the Flex service could not be reached.
  2. Check the Flex service logs for any thrown unhandled errors in the running service that may have caused the Flex service to malfunction. The command use in Kinvey CLI isĀ  "kinvey flex logs".
  3. Test the Flex service locally with the same Node version as the one you are deploying to - see how to Check the Node.js Version on the Server. This may indicate if there is a problem when starting the flex service.