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Offline support for iOS

I'm considering signing up for this service and in reading the android offline page I read about a piece of functionality I am looking for in iOS but the iOS page wasn't clear. Is it possible to do the following on iOS? "An offline get request can return the data saved during an offline save" Eg perform a few actions locally query the offline store to get these results. I would also want this offline store to hold my results of the same query when it was online so that I am getting the sum of my new offline plus last retrieved online data. It would then update the online store when I am back online so that the code would be agnostic to the network status.

Hi Ivan, I'm looking for the same thing but it does't seem to work :

 let store = KCSCachedStore(collection: collection, options: nil)

 store.cachePolicy = KCSCachePolicy.LocalFirst

After a success, I put the smartphone in airplane mode but then I have a Kinvey failure : "The Internet connection appears to be offline"


This should be in the works for v3 of the library, which is in beta now.  


Ok thanks.

In the v2, the Android behaviour is not the same on iOS ?


We strive for feature parity across our libraries, and v3 is a deliberate push for Kinvey to make things more standardized across languages with feature parity.    At present v1/2 of our libraries is not "feature complete" across languages.  


OK, thanks, I will wait for the stable version of the v3 ;)

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