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Migrating NSDates and PFFiles from

After importing JSON from, I am finding that Parse's NSDate format and storage of UIImages is not porting over to Kinvey. Is there an efficient way to get images (stored at and dates (in format 2015-12-11T18:06:50.168Z) from Parse to Kinvey? 

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Good morning Ryan and apologies for the slow reply,

Importing this data will be a somewhat manual process unfortunately.   At present getting files over will require a manual re-upload from parse itself.   When you are performing a file upload, you have the ability to set the Kinvey MetaData (_kmd field) with the values for ( _kmd.lmt (last modified time) and __kmd.ect (exact creation time) ) These values are easiest set from Kinvey's client libraries.   One way that you could consider doing this that may simplify the overall process would be to load all your files into a directory and create a hashset of the DateTime objects that correlate to them and then upload them to Kinvey using one of our Guides (I'm not sure which language you use, but you can edit that with the drop down menu in the top right of our Dev Center --   )

If you have any additional questions about this response, specific implementation details, or how to preserve the integrity of your data as you migrate to Kinvey from parse, please let me know and I'll be happy to help you.


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