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Can not resolve :kinvey-android

I get an error: Error:Failed to resolve: :kinvey-android-2.10.4:

<a href="openFile:C:/Users/Andras/AndroidStudioProjects/Saunter/app/build.gradle">Open File</a>

Already wasted an hour of my life trying to solve this. I tried 2.10.5 and 2.10.4, didn't help.

My gradle file looks like this:

repositories { 

flatDir { 

dirs 'libs' 



dependencies {

compile fileTree(dir: 'libs', include: ['*.jar']) 

compile(name:'kinvey-android-2.10.4', ext:'aar')



To be honest, this is so sad, Kinvey has a really small audithory...

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Referring to this guide:

"Copy all jars and the aar in the libsAAR/ folder of the Kinvey Android library zip to the libs/ folder you opened in the previous step."
There is NO libsAAR/ folder in the .rar file! :)

Can't even edit my own question. This is fun.

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