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Downloading image in swift

when i drag and drop Image in the Files and i need to downloaded in the App i am facing the below Error , any idea ?

Got an error:  Error Domain=KCSResourceErrorDomain Code=404 "Error downloading file, id='000-006'" UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=Error downloading file, id='000-006', NSUnderlyingError=0x104b077b0 {Error Domain=KCSServerErrorDomain Code=404 "This blob not found for this app backend" UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=This blob not found for this app backend, NSErrorFailingURLKey=, Kinvey.kinveyErrorCode=BlobNotFound, KinveyKit.HTTPMethod=GET, Kinvey.RequestId=1bca9b79ad5240438b0c32537cfb5169, NSLocalizedFailureReason=}}}

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