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Your API is so buggy!! AsyncAppData saved to collection but returns onFailure

AsyncAppData sometimes the data is saved sometimes it isn't but it always return onFailure in the callback.

I've been trying this from the past two week, to figure out if wrote something incorrect. So i copied the exact code from your user guides and its the same for that too.

If you could provide any kind of help or guidance I'll be HAPPY and grateful.. 

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Hello Beatbox,

I regret that you are having issues. I have several questions and someone will follow up with you on Tuesday India Standard Time.

  • What is the KID of your app? It is found in the upper right hand corner of the Kinvey Console Dashboard.
  • What is the name of your app?
  • What Kinvey SDK are you using? Please included not only the type of SDK but the version number too.
  • What is the use case you are trying to implement with the AsyncAppData function?
  • Within your data environment, what collections are failing to be saved?
  • Please provide us with the specific failures if you have them available; error codes, messages, etc.
  • If you are able to provide us with a requestId of one or more of the failures, that will be helpful too.


Kinvey Support

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