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Cannot acces Kinvey using v3.0 API

 I've created a very simple setup following the Getting Started Guide 


<script src=""></script>

and in an onLoad() handler


  Kinvey.init({ appKey: '<appKey>', appSecret: '<appSecret>'});



I find that Kinvey is not defined on the Window global object, though KinveyDevice and KinveyPopup are

I also tried the non min version on GitHub, but the same problem

Here is my test code

it breaks here as Kinvey is not defined


> I checked out your test code and noticed that you are now using local copy of Kinvey SDK. Did that change anything?

As mentioned above I did try but it didn't make any difference. The code did look like it might be a little different but it's almost impossible to compare a minified version with the source ;)

> Also, have you tested this with v3.0.0-beta.17 to confirm if this is not only because of v3.0.0-beta.18 release?

I didn't try the previous version but could do so.

I was thinking as this is such a breaking changing a little smoke test of the released files might be a good thing to add to the release process?

beta.17 makes no difference (I grabbed it from the releases on git hub).

No obvious global diffs for ```Kinvey`` [in diffs](

I can't even begin to pretend to understand Webpack's module wrapping but it looks to me that the SDK might be a commons module exporting Kinvey and not a script to be imported via <script> as per your instructions

my appologies 3.0.0bet17 DOES work!!

I hit some strange caching in chrome when debugging.

However as there appear to be significant diffs between Beta17 and beta18 I wonder if I should even be trying beta17?

I just double checked beta18 to ensure it was not my mistake but it still fails.

Interestingly Kinvey is defined on line 1507

Please advise ASAP if I should use beta17 or use 1.6 instead


This problem has now been resolved with the release of 3.0.0-beta.19.

I confirm it now works

But there is another issue that is causing push to not work and will need to be fixed. Right now I don't have a time estimate for that fix but it is something that is priority for us to fix mybkexperience.

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