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Business Logic https request ca option

Hey guys,

I just moved this here from a support ticket (#2619) that Im not yet paying for (oops!).

I am currently making some API requests in my business logic and am happy to see that the Kinvey Request module supports SSL. I actually run the server that I am making the API requests to and currently have a self-signed certificate (for use during development). I get a [Error: DEPTH_ZERO_SELF_SIGNED_CERT] and the request fails. I was able tog et it to work by setting strictSSL: false (which was supposedly already false by default, but apparently wasnt). While this is an ok temporary solution I would rather be able to add the 'ca' option found in many https libraries that will verify my request against my self-signed certificate. For example: = [ selfSignedRootCaPemCrtBuffer ];

Typically putting that in my request options would be far more secure than simply disabling stringSSL. Does that option, or anything similar, exist?


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Hi Matthew,

Thanks for reaching out.

Kinvey documentation for the request module is available here:

This request module is the Node.js request module available with npm. And the documentation can be found at following links: and

You should be able to check these links and figure out if the request module supports your requirement.

Let me know if you have any questions about this.



Kinvey Support

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