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Deep Link For Reset Password

 Hi Kinvey Team,

Can you please confirm  able to handle deep link flow for reset password in Kinvey API/framework.Please check the below sceanrio

  • The user initiates a password reset by clicking "Forgot My Password" or what ever other message the app presents for password reset.
  • An email is sent to the user's registered email address for that app. 
  • The user clicks on the link to reset the password. 
  • The app is launched on the device that the user is using.
  • The app presents a page to the user where they are asked to type in a new password and then confirm it.Upon success, a confirmation email that the password has been successfully is sent to the user's registered email address.

Hi Kannan,

Thanks for creating the forum issue. I am checking on this now.

I have a question about the scenario you described: What if the customer opens the email on his desktop/laptop and clicks on the link?



Kinvey Support

Hi Wani,

Thanks for your reply. When the customer opens the email on his desktop  and clicks on the deeplink it will go to app store link.Like as Facebook deep link
For Example:-fb://profile/133913376661217



Please take a look at the documentation for hosting custom password reset page:

I do not have ready documentation or sample code to implement "deep link flow for reset password with Kinvey". But, I think these steps can be applied in the context of deep linking and your use case can be implemented.

Let me know if you face any issues trying this out.



Hi Wani,

We are getting url format error while trying to set a Deep Linking URL in the Custom Reset Password URL section under users -> settings.

Below is the Sample URL tried, attachment shows the validation error.

Can you please help on getting the details on whether Deep Link URL be supported in Custom Reset Password URL.

(58.7 KB)

Hi Wani,

Any updates on this.

Hi Siva,

I have raised a feature request with Engineering team about this. They are currently working on this to see how this can be accommodated in the product.



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