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Push register device user custom field Embarcadero

Hi all ! and thanks in advace for your help.

Please, can some one put me in the right wayyou put me in the right way ?  

In Kinvey i have only one user in "Users" named "bacobas"...  and i use it in kinveyProvider (Embarcadero Object) like    credential to login  ... 

Than, for each device that will login for the first App start ... I’d like create a custom user (with custom field in record eg. Sex, age.. and so on…)... that is linked with the app device...  Is it possible ?

What’s the way ?


Because , in a second App... I’d like query by json object + Business logic the  custom users table...
for find (for example Sex = male) and send them push notification  on respective device…..


Can some one tell me the right way ?

Thank you.


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Yes, you should be able to save custom fields on the user object.

What SDK are you using?

Here is a link for you to get started with push notification:




Kinvey Support

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