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Method didReceivedNotification... is not invoked when app in background

ios 10.1

kinvey sdk 1.41.1

When I receive push notification method didReceivedNotification is not called when app in background mode

I do have the same problem. its working perfectly fine on iOS 9 but it does not on iOS 10. I included the new methods responsible for handling push in iOS 10. i.e. I implemented the UNUserNotificationCenterDelegate protocol. I tried to ask for help from apple developer support and I was told that the problem was coming from the third party SDK i was using for the push. I need help. 




Yes it doesn't make difference. Maybe you have up to date sample for push which I can test for iOS 10 ?

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So removing the app completely and then reinstalling it as well as rebooting the phone does not make any difference in your case in terms of the ’sound’ -  just want to confirm this?

Kinvey Support


None of these solutions work for me(

I saw this doc.

This is my push example

 var iOSExtras = {requestType: "requestToExchange"};

    var iOSAps = { 'content-available':0,alert: requestSentByUser.first_name + " wants to exchange your book: "+ requestedBook.title, sound: "notification.wav" };

        push.sendPayload(entityRequestedBookReceiver, iOSAps,iOSExtras);


ios9 : works

ios 10: doesn't work


Please take a look at this link that describes the payload for a push notification:



Kinvey Support

I tested my app on ios 9 and ios 10 where "content-available" property is euqal 0 . On ios 9 it works fine unlike ios 10.  If I set value 1 for property "content-available" the  method  didReceiveRemoteNotification is invoked. However  remote notification act as a silent notification, no alert, sound, or badge payload .

Hi Wood

Did you include the "content-available" property in your Apple push notification payload?  When using didReceiveRemoteNotification, Apple requires this as per their documentation:

Hope this helps


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