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Integrate MySQL DB with DLC


Thanks in advance for your help.

I'm new with Kinvey and I try to create a DLC to connect it with a MySQL DB but probably I'm doing it wrong.

I followed the instructions and i created a new Data Link, i added DB's url at the field "Data Link Connector Host URL". The "Data Link Connector Shared Secret" is something that i create it from the Dashboard or i just give it my self? Because i gave it myself and then when I'm trying to access my db I get the following response:

{"error":"EntityNotFound","description":"This entity not found in the collection","debug":""}

Do I have to do anything else after this?

And how do I ask my db from the Business Logic?

Thanks again for your help!


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Can you please share your kinvey app kid and the DLC configuration that you created for this kid?

As this is a public forum, please avoid posting your database credentials or other sensitive data.



Kinvey Support

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