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Query returning nil results Kinvey 3.3 / Xcode 8.0 (Swift 3)

I'm exploring converting to Kinvey as a backend, and have thus far been stifled by the suggested practices. I am able to create users and login fine, but have been unable to query from collections that I generated myself. 

I created a Clients collection with Shared permissions using the Dashboard, manually inserted some records, and created a matching Entity in my Xcode project. I then instantiated a DataStore using:

let dsClient:DataStore<Client> = DataStore<Client>.collection()

Attempting a complex query bombs at runtime, so I started trying to query by ID using:

dsClient.find(byId: "57fdb5b8fd7a98be7b821a12", completionHandler: {(client, error) -> Void in



I get "nil" in the console. Any idea why?

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Can you let me know the implementation of your “Client” entity?
Also assuming you are referring to

Kinvey Support


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