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Questions about Kinvey functionalities

Hello I have a few questions about this service:

1) Is that possible to make a daily backup of these user data from your service to our Amazon S3 or Google cloud storage bucket?

2) Is that possible to configure user account registration email and reset password email with the templates that we have? In HTML?

3) Is that possible to create a user account with his data like address, age, ex, with just one request to your service?

4) Does it have a SDK for not only iOS/Android but also the WEB?


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Please check my answers below:

  1. Using export functionality in Kinvey Console, you can export user list in JSON format everyday and upload it to your AWS/Google cloud storage. There's no automated way to do it as of today.
  2. In Engagement>Branding in Kinvey Console, you can modify default email templates for email confirmation and password reset workflows.
  3. This depends on how you want to achieve it. I'll need more information about your use case.
  4. We have multiple SDKs other than native iOS and native Android which you can use to build a web app. We support HTML5, Angular, Backbone etc. You can check the documentation here:

If you get back to me with additional questions/information, I will be able to help you further.

Kinvey Support

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