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Unable to get response if using LoginAsync() while doing implicit login?


I'm trying to get the username by doing below thing but it sending the response but user details are not appearing , also when performing LoginAsync is it possible to check the response first whether its success or not ?

User user = getClient().User().LoginAsync(username,password);

and user property  no user details appearing nor it is throwing any exception.

Also while using delegate we get an option of OnSuccess and Error but there is not something similar in LoginAsync function. Please advise.

Hi Utkarsh,

Which SDK are you using? Can you give me the SDK version as well?

In case it is not the latest, can you try with the latest version of the SDK first and try again?



Kinvey Support

Hi Wasi,

I'm using 1.6.14 version , its returns  something enclosed in {{ }} braces but when i expand username is null and relevant details.

Can you please advise how can i get the user details/response with loginAsync so i can perform other operations while call is awaiting?

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