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Ionic Creator front-end

I am trying to use Ionic Creator to connect to a Kinvey backend. Has anyone successfully done this? If so, could you walk me through the steps you took?

I took a look at this Kinvey video, but even following it step by step, it does not show my data.

Any help is appreciated.



I believe the starter app is for Ionic Framework 1.x. I am trying to use Ionic Creator so if there is any additional info you can provide, that would be great.

Thanks for your response Pranav. Just to level set. I am not a developer. I am a fairly technical Product Owner, but got stuck using Kinvey as a backend. I was able to connect it to Firebase. Any help you can provide is welcome.

I don't see any errors. But it just does not display my data. I am not sure if my collection is setup right or if something else is not right. I tried following the Ionic Creator books example but mine doesn't show any data. I am missing something, but not sure what.

I believe the sample starter app you sent is for Ionic Framework. The Creator is their front-end tool. I was able to add the Kinvey addon. It looks like the the kinvey.init.js. I have pasted the js below with the exception of the appKey and appSecret removal. This was added via the addon. I did not make any changes other than to uncomment the services. 

angular.module('kinvey.init', ['kinvey'])

.config(['$kinveyProvider', function($kinveyProvider) {

    // Initialize Kinvey


        appKey: 'xxxxxxxx',

        appSecret: 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'



.service('User', ['$kinvey', '$q', function($kinvey, $q) {

    var User = {

      getActiveUser: function() {

        return $kinvey.User.getActiveUser();


      login: function(username, password) {

        var user = User.getActiveUser();

        if (!user) {

          return $kinvey.User.login(username, password);


        return $q.resolve(user);


      logout: function() {

        var user = User.getActiveUser();

        if (user) {

          return user.logout();


        return $q.resolve(null);



    return User;


.service('books', ['$kinvey', function($kinvey) {

  var store = $kinvey.DataStore.collection('books');

  return {

    find: function(query) {

      return store.find(query);


    save: function(book) {






I have also injected $kinvey into the page controllers for a login page and book page so I could use the ng-model login() and logout() directives.

function ($scope, $stateParams, $kinvey) {


Yes, you should be able to add Kinvey using the Ionic Creator addons. Please take a look at our 'Ionic Starter' app.

Let me know what error you are getting while implementation.





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