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Ionic Creator front-end

I am trying to use Ionic Creator to connect to a Kinvey backend. Has anyone successfully done this? If so, could you walk me through the steps you took?

I took a look at this Kinvey video, but even following it step by step, it does not show my data.

Any help is appreciated.




Yes, you should be able to add Kinvey using the Ionic Creator addons. Please take a look at our 'Ionic Starter' app.

Let me know what error you are getting while implementation.





Thanks for your response Pranav. Just to level set. I am not a developer. I am a fairly technical Product Owner, but got stuck using Kinvey as a backend. I was able to connect it to Firebase. Any help you can provide is welcome.

I don't see any errors. But it just does not display my data. I am not sure if my collection is setup right or if something else is not right. I tried following the Ionic Creator books example but mine doesn't show any data. I am missing something, but not sure what.

I believe the sample starter app you sent is for Ionic Framework. The Creator is their front-end tool. I was able to add the Kinvey addon. It looks like the the kinvey.init.js. I have pasted the js below with the exception of the appKey and appSecret removal. This was added via the addon. I did not make any changes other than to uncomment the services. 

angular.module('kinvey.init', ['kinvey'])

.config(['$kinveyProvider', function($kinveyProvider) {

    // Initialize Kinvey


        appKey: 'xxxxxxxx',

        appSecret: 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'



.service('User', ['$kinvey', '$q', function($kinvey, $q) {

    var User = {

      getActiveUser: function() {

        return $kinvey.User.getActiveUser();


      login: function(username, password) {

        var user = User.getActiveUser();

        if (!user) {

          return $kinvey.User.login(username, password);


        return $q.resolve(user);


      logout: function() {

        var user = User.getActiveUser();

        if (user) {

          return user.logout();


        return $q.resolve(null);



    return User;


.service('books', ['$kinvey', function($kinvey) {

  var store = $kinvey.DataStore.collection('books');

  return {

    find: function(query) {

      return store.find(query);


    save: function(book) {






I have also injected $kinvey into the page controllers for a login page and book page so I could use the ng-model login() and logout() directives.

function ($scope, $stateParams, $kinvey) {

I believe the starter app is for Ionic Framework 1.x. I am trying to use Ionic Creator so if there is any additional info you can provide, that would be great.

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