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removebyId is not working

I am trying to delete an Entity using the removeId method as shown in the code below:

@IBAction fund deleteEvent(_ sender:Any){

let id = self.eventId

eventStore.removeById(id!){ event, error in 

   if let event = event {

       print("Deleted Event")


       print("Could not delete Event")




I set eventStore as follows in my viewController 

let eventStore = DataStore<Event>.collection(.sync) 

However I get the error :

(PersistableIdKey) is missing in the propertyMapping() method. Please call super.propertyMapping() inside your propertyMapping() method

Looking at the image below, you do see that I call super.properyMapping

(I have the latest version of Kinvey SDK installed)


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Hi bkwart,

Please let me know the KID of your environment for which you are facing this issue. Also, let me know your Xcode and Swift version.

I assume you are using Kinvey iOS SDK 3.5.0.




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