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Kinvey Newsletter for June 2017.

SDK Updates:

Xamarin 1.x EOS date was May 31st – Please notify us on if you need an extension.iOS 1.x and JS 1.x EOS – If you still have apps on these versions, please migrate ASAP. If you have an Objective-C app on Kinvey SDK 1.x, please contact us about the SWIFT-based 3.x SDK.Android SDK v3 is now GA! Please update your Android apps with this new SDK today.

Single Sign On Early Access

If you have more than one app on Kinvey with the same set of users, you will be able to take advantage of our new single sign on feature. This feature is in Early Access right now, please contact us if you are interested.

Live Service Early Access Program

Kinvey Live Service will soon be available for Early Access. This service enables two powerful new features: (1) Your applications will be able to automatically receive updates to data collections in real-time as they happen; (2) Real-time streams enable live messaging and communication between application users. As always, this feature comes with all the things Kinvey is differentiated on: self-service, performance at scale, security, compliance, and tracking. If you are interested in trying out this new capability, please contact us at and we will let you know when it is available.

Kinvey v5 Console

Thank you for all your feedback on the Beta version of the v5 Kinvey Management Console. We are pleased to announce that the old v4 Console has been completely phased out and that all versions of Kinvey will now be accessed through our new v5 Console. If you are experiencing any difficulty please contact us at

Why Patient Engagement is the Key to a Winning mHealth Strategy Webinar

Register today for our upcoming webinar with our partner Cybage to gain insights into the intricacies of patient engagement and how a mature mBaaS platform can help you solve this puzzle. Register now, space is limited!

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