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How to break a line when sending a notification?

Hello good afternoon!


I am sending notifications to the Android and IOS platforms and it is working perfectly, I have only a small problem in Android, the notifications are not breaking the line, that is, you can only see a little of the content of the notification.


How do I break the line?


Another question, how do I get notification to disappear after the user click, I'm using Delphi and the resilient kinvey components


Please elaborate on "the notifications are not breaking the line, that is, you can only see a little of the content of the notification"? Please provide a small video recording or a screenshot of the issue for better understanding.

Regarding your 2nd question about disappearing a notification, do you mean the badge number on app icon? When you receive a notification on your device and you click it, it opens the app. It's the default behavior of handling notifications and we can't change it. If you think I am not understanding your usecase correctly, please elaborate.



Okay, I'll make a video recording of sending the notification and explaining the problem. But what's up, I can only visualize some of the content of the notification on the Android platform. Answering the second question, I am referring to the notification that is in the upper bar, when you click on the notification the application opens, but the notification does not disappear. Taking advantage of the conversation, how to direct the user to a particular application url, when the same click on the notification?

Yes please send a video recording for better understanding. If you are seeing only one line of content in the notification, please check if this link helps. When you show longer text in notification message, you can notice that the text is stripped away. So if want to show the full text in multiple lines, you need to use additional setStyle() method while your building the notification builder.

Clicking on notification opens the application and notification should disappear automatically. That's the default behavior. Please take a look at this link. I think in Android, you will have to set a click listener for notification to handle the notification when user clicks on it.




Also, have you checked this link about receiving and handling push notification?




Pranav J,

I just answered the email with the answers to your questions.


I also submitted the video with the entire notification process via email.

Thanks for listening!


I await feedback

I'm going to put the e-amil that I sent here just to be documented and help other people with the same problem, follow the content of the email:

Good morning, I just finished recording the video, it's still attached.

That's right, I'm just seeing the first line of the notification, this link does not help, because my application was developed in Delphi xe10, inside the kinvey platform there is no way to force all content display?

Exactly, the normal behavior of a notification when you click it is automatically disappear, but it is not disappearing, then I do not know if it was a bug caused by the developers of the embarcadero or if it has any relation to your platform, I say that, because When I create a local notification in delphi the same works correctly, but this problem is not as important as the other, so let's focus on the solution to display the contents of the complete notification.

One other question, how do I direct the user to a certain screen of my project when he clicks the notification?

For example: Offer, Starbucks Coffee R $ 5,99

Then when the user clicks on the notification direct him to that product page.

I thank you for your attention.

Thank you.​


I checked your video and recent comment. These issues/questions are not Kinvey related. They are all device/Delphi related. Let me know if you have any Kinvey related questions.

Please let me know type and version of the Kinvey SDK you are using. I will get inputs from my senior about it.



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