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Custom password reset url with #


I'm building a SPA (Angular4) with deep linking and I need to reset my user password. I'm using your workflow to reset the password.

I've got an issue with how the url is generated when you received the email. My password reset URL contains # character.

Based on the RFC 3986 documentation :

In URIs a hash mark # introduces the optional fragment near the end of the URL. The generic RFC 3986 syntax for URIs also allows an optional query part introduced by a question mark ?. In URIs with a query and a fragment, the fragment follows the query.

Your system generate the following URL :


It should generate this for url containing hashtag :


Is there any way on the Web console to let me place the generated parameters like : http://localhost:8101/{{queryGeneratedParamsFromKinvey}}#/reset-password

Thank you

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Hi Guillaume,

If you want to control the url that you are sending to the user then you can access nearly all the settings about it through web console. You have to follow this path to do so: Login -> App/Environment -> Users -> Settings -> Password Reset.

Please go through the documentation provided here if you face any issue. Let us know if this answers your question.


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