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LinkedIn Implementation through angular2 sdk step by step

Hi Team,

I need to implement login user using linkedIn in kinvey app. And maintain users in kinvey. I followed below link steps. Now I want to implement in angular 5 app for login and if user is not exists then save linkedIn user as a kinvey and loggedIn into the application.

Could you please provide the next step by step guide to tutorial to do so. Cause when I am trying to call " connectIdentity" method, I am getting error "property connectIdentity does not exists on type user". Also my concern is if I will send token through UI so how it will be safe. 

Could you please help me in this ASAP.

Best Regards,

Himanshu Sachdeva

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Can you please confirm that you have implemented each and every step mentioned in this link? Once you have implemented it without any issues, you will find the next steps on this link. Please take a look at the example given on the provided link. Simply replace the arguments to connect to another social provider. The connectIdentity() method takes a pair of arguments:  

  • A string representing the social provider: facebook, twitterlinkedIn, google
  • An object carrying the obtained OAuth access token with the following format: Check this link for obtaining OAuth token for LinkedIn.

Also, please check connectLinkedIn() method here.




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