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Toggle visibility of components

I have a question about toggle components on my home view (home.component). Depending on the state of my app I like to toggle the "hamburger" menu button on the RadSideDrawer on and off. I also like to do the same with the TabView. So when I am entering the home.component, depending on the app state I like to switch this on and off.

I don't see a way to get access to these components.

By the way, the project is created as a standard Kinvey Studio project.


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Hello Thomas,

To toggle the visibility (or existence) of specific elements, you need to write custom code that interacts with already available services (like the Side Drawer service) or hides/shows view elements. Below you can find examples on how to remove the Side Drawer icon and disable its swipe gesture, and hide the Tabs navigation.

import { Inject, Injector } from '@angular/core';
import { HomeViewBaseComponent } from '@src/app/modules/system/home/home.base.component';
import { SideDrawerService } from '@src/app/core/services/side-drawer.service.tns';
import { isIOS } from 'tns-core-modules/platform';

export class HomeViewComponent extends HomeViewBaseComponent {
    constructor(@Inject(Injector) injector: Injector) {

        // Disable SideDrawer (removes the Hamburger menu and disables the swipe gesture)
        const sideDrawerService = injector.get(SideDrawerService);
        (sideDrawerService as any).forceDisable = true;

        // Hide Tabs
        const sideDrawer = (sideDrawerService as any).sideDrawer;
        const hideTabs = (shouldHide) => {
            const frame = sideDrawer.mainContent.currentPage;
            if (!frame || !frame.firstChild || !frame.firstChild.firstChild) {
                setTimeout(() => hideTabs(shouldHide));

            const proxyViewContainer = frame.firstChild;
            const tabView = proxyViewContainer.firstChild;
            if (isIOS) {
                tabView.viewController.tabBar.hidden = !!shouldHide;
            } else {
                tabView._tabLayout.setVisibility(shouldHide ? -1 : 0);


I hope this is of any help.



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