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Push notifications are not triggered anymore


Does anybody else have problems with the push notifications not delivering at the users?

This problem has arisen today.

My Custom Endpoint sees the incomming message, but Kinvey does not send it to the user.

Nothing has changed to the Custom Endpoint since 2 years.


        "CODE": androidPayload.CODE

    }, function(err, userColl) {

        if (err) {

  'err' + err);

        } else {

            userColl.forEach(function(user) {


                push.sendMessage(user, message, function(err, result) {});




Via Push through Engagement the user succesfully receives a message.

App key



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The result of the EndPoint returns an 400 error at GCM. How is this possible, i understand that Kinvey automaticle sends the message to Firebase?


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