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Kinvey Studio Questions


I have a few questions - 
1.  I'm definitely interested in the ability to infer and generate complex data types from the Kinvey backend collection
2.  I've exported a mobile view - and found where it is located in the source code, however, how do I reuse the template, is there an import button somewhere?
3.  Input validator properties - this sounds great, love to use this  (Actually - have just stumbled upon the new fields on the Property Editor - looks pretty easy!)

A couple of things that I'm stumped with at the moment:

1.  How do I override the sort order of the collection for a list.  I have uploaded a spreadsheet of data into the Kinvey Backend - in this case the collection is "categories", with 2 fields of data, namely:  category and sortOrder.  The original spreadsheet had the data ordered correctly by the SortOrder, however, after uploading into Kinvey, the data is now in a random order (not to worry - I have the sort order field specified).  However, I'm unsure how I go about customizing the typescript code to force the sort order of the collection.  Your assistance is much appreciated - it's driving me insane having the data in the wrong order :).

2.  I have a mobile form (child) that opens when a category is selected from the Categories list.  This form should display a list of subcategories of the selected category.  I have set this form to have 2 collections - the categories, and the subcategories collection.  The form collection is the parent Category, and this is displaying correctly, however, my list which should have a list of related subcategories is not displaying any data.  I have added the list to the form and specified it's collection to be subcategories.  In the property of the INSPECTOR Subcategories I have set the following properties:
  1. Filter by:  category (Selected from the drop-down list)
  2. Value Source - categories (only one choice here, the categories collection which is good(
  3. Value - category (choices are category and sort order - the fields of the current forms collection also correct)
The child form opens correctly, and displays the category details, however, the grid which is supposed to display the many subcategories is empty - any suggestions!  I also want to be able to sort the subcategories data - (most likely the same approach as the previous question, however, if there are any tricks - please share!

Some bugs????
Just a couple of confusing things:
1.  I have used the custom HTML to add the group template so that I can apply styles to the Group Header of my list.  This is working, however, I think there is a bug in Kinvey Studio, as follows. I open up the code editor to customize the HTML and click save.  I often don't think to click the Save button again on the parent form, and if I don't, then the code doesn't regenerate and I can't get the new HTML to appear in the tns.html file.  I have to re-enter the custom HTML editor, make a change, save, then save the parent form, for the change to propagate.  Not a major issue, just a minor annoyance that has taken a bit of time to sort out.

2.  A few times a day the QR Code scanner won't scan.  I hold the camera to the QR code, jiggle it, move it in and out - nothing.  I shut down both the Scanner and the Preview apps - reopen - nothing.  Clear the data from both apps, re-open - try to scan - nothing.  Put the phone down - and then randomly the scanner appears.  Most times, I can scan the code, however, sometimes, it just keeps beeping, and won't scan.  I redo all the steps, then I think the thing that finally works is that I open the Preview app and allow the default Kinvey App to load, after which I then shut everything down and restart.  it's very hard to really understand what is the trigger that stops the scanner working, and then makes it restart.  This happens as I said a couple of times a day, and can take up to 20 minutes of fiddling around to get it to work again.  So -does this happen with any of your team?  It's extremely frustrating!  Is there a correct order of steps I must take so that the scanner and preview apps don't get corrupted?

Other than that - I'm loving the Studio!

Thanks in advance of your response to these question - feel free to respond question at a time - I know I've done a brain dump!

Kindest regards


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