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RapidData connector to Kinvey Chat


I am struggling to work out how to use Kinvey Console to setup a RapidData REST API connector to Kinvey Chat. Is there a tutorial, blog that you may be able to point me to that can assist me?

Will Progress produce a Kinvey Chat REST connector in future developments?

Sorry for all of my questions I am posting, but appreciate your replies.

Thanks, Alan

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Hi Alan,

Here are the steps to follow:

1) Create RapidData Connector to REST API service -

2) Create a Kinvey Collection, backed by the above RapidData connector - when accessing the Kinvey collection, Kinvey will actually make a request to the external REST API to get data -

3) Make a request from Kinvey Chat to the Kinvey Collection.

Let me know if this has helped of you need further guidance on this.


Martin Apostolov

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