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Thoughts on switching envirments app side

Hi all,

So Kinvey has this neat feature to have different environments in your app back-end. The must basic use of this feature that stands out for me is the idea that you have a test database and a release database. But What I want to start a discussion on is ideas for keeping this straight on the app side without a huge amount of over head. let me explain.

Currently I have a test database and a release database. I have to manually switch between the two when I release a new app version or need to go back to testing. I have to change some stuff like environment specific data that has certain id's and also the app secret/key. So as it sounds this is very tedious, so what I am looking for is a discussion on ideas of how to automate this process and/or make it easier to manually change it.

I was just thinking to have a variable or pound define that is called debug and set it to yes or no to change everything in the app. But I would love to have the ability to change it database side so I do not have to recompile the code to accomplish changing this. I have not found a sound way of doing this yet.

Any ideas? How do you guys do it? Does everyone just not use different database's? What is Kinvey's opinion on the subject? How did Kinvey envision this working?

Thanks all,


Hey Sean, To be sure I understand correctly, you're saying that you change your client-side credentials when you switch between environments?
Yes that is correct. I am now using a variable called debugging that will switch them for me. But still would like to get ideas on how others do it.
Hey Sean, Here's a link to the iOS guide:

This talks through the IDE side as well.
Sorry haha you guys added those after I joined. I have been through the old documentation. Did not think about just looking at the documentation you guys already have.
No problem! Glad it's what you're looking for!
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