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Can a username be changed?

Unless I'm missing something, it can't, but I can't find any documentation to support that either way. I'm basing the "can't" on that it's not an editable field when I'm viewing the list of users, but everything else is editable.

reason is that I prefer to use the email address as the username when logging in, but if it can't be edited then that's a problem. Also, when trying to store some relational data I'm not sure if I really should be referencing user id, or if username is safe, since that's what is already in the request and I wouldn't have to go look up the id.

It can easily be updated. E.g with the javascript api you can just call Kinvey.User.update and pass in the user with the new name.

var user = Kinvey.getActiveUser();

user.username = 'new Username';

var promise = Kinvey.User.update(user, {

success: function() {



Just tested, works fine
What happens if the user name is the same as another user does the function error?
Yes, this will return a 409 Conflict status code, with error `UserAlreadyExists`.
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