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Initialize Kinvey Client

Is there any way to tell if the kinvey client is initialized? This is a generalquestion for all sdk's but mainly for android and iOS.

I need to be able to build a screen that is completely contained and does not have any outside pointers. So is there any way to get the kinvey client through a static function and then check to see if it is initialized. If it is great do what needs to be done, if it is not then initialize it?

An extension to this question is what happens if you initialize a kinvey client more then once? Does it not matter?



Sweet thanks!! Thats what I wanted to know. I will just init it on every per screen.
For iOS: There is not a way to check if the client is initialized. The best thing to do is just initialize the client on app launch but not make any other calls to the SDK until the application is ready. Or you can create a helper method in the app delegate to the set-up and track the state or use a `dispatch_once`. There is no harm in initializing the client multiple times, with two caveats: if the initializers use different configuration options, the last one should be in effect, but some settings will not be reset. Also changing the app key will cause the data to be cleared.
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