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Management of .kinvey file when using command line and git

How do you handle that the .kinvey file stores both the project information (which I want committed to the repo) and session data (that I don't want committed)?

I've tried not storing it in the repo, but then a fresh clone doesn't know where to go, and when I run 'kinvey init' it tells me (typo and all):

CRITICAL: business-logic direcotry found at /Users/mlebarron/code/business-logic

CRITICAL: Either restore your .kinvey file or remove the business-logic directory and try again

so then I have to move the business logic out, do the init, then move it back in.

based on:

usage: kinvey init [--app APP] [--environment ENV] [--email EMAIL]

kinvey help [command]

kinvey generate

kinvey deploy [--app APP] [--environment ENV] [--email EMAIL] [-message MESSAGE]

kinvey revisions [--app APP] [--environment ENV] [--email EMAIL]

kinvey rollback [--app APP] [--environment ENV] [--email EMAIL] [-message MESSAGE] [-r REVISION]

kinvey refresh [--app APP] [--environment ENV] [--email EMAIL]

I tried 'kinvey init --app ' but then I get 'kinvey: error: unrecognized arguments: --app' which is what the usage just told me to do so...

okay found out that there's a new version that fixes the --app thing. Other comments still apply

I hear you loud and clear, we have plans to split the two files up so you can have your configuration file in source control without sharing your session data. The only way around it is to move the BL out and then back in right now, which is not a good solution. Stay tuned for an update.
[Version 0.3.0]( stores user credentials in your home directory, while app details remain in the project directory. Let me know if this works for you!
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