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Collection _ID with 12 characters ...


When Im creating a new collection, and set the _id to a value with 12 characters strange things happen:


- Im trying to create via the Kinvey console a new row with the _id "111111111111" . The row is created but with the following _id "313131313131313131313131"

This happens on all my collection when the _id has the length of 12 characters.

Working by the design ...


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Hi Markus, this is happening due to the fact that the _id field of entities is being cast into a BSON Object ID. The conversion treats strings that are 12 characters long as binary strings, as opposed to regular strings, which is the reason you are seeing this behavior.

We are planning to migrate away from Object IDs in the future, but until that time, we recommend that you simply use an _id of a different length.
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