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Push - users or devices?

Quick q about push notifications

**Is it the device that is registered for push, or the device AND the user in combination?**

i.e. if user 1 is on device 1, and they register for push..... when we send a push to user 1, it goes to device 1 (this is my assumption)

What happens if user 2 is now on the same device (and user 1 has been logged out). If we send a push to user 1, does user 2 get it (because they happen to be on the same device?)

What happens if user 1 is logged in with the same profile on device 1 (phone) and device 2 (ipad). When we send a push to user 1 (and both devices are registered OK) will user 1 receive 2 pushes? (I hope so)


(I will play with this at some point but haven't got to this yet in Kinvey and wanted some guidance over and above the docs, so I can consider what we need to do)
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For iOS, yes and yes. Although a push token is associated with a user in kinvey, it is actually tied to the device. If you register push with user 1 and log out the user without unregistering the push token, and then log in with the user 2; any pushes that would go to user 1 will show up on the device even though user 2 is logged in.

With multiple devices, each device has its own token, so if user 1 logs in and registers on an iphone and ipad, then user1 will have two tokens associated with them and the push will be sent to both devices.
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