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everyone need to download the profile pic uploaded by an user... HOW?

in my app, i can search for a user and get information about him.

Every user need to display the image that any user uploaded as their profile picture, but this is not possible because, if I havn't read wrong the documentation, only the user that uploads a file can download it, and any other user that wants to download it (in my case the image) got to be authorized one-by-one by the uploader.... wtf?

It is a mess to deal with that...

Hi @federik21‌,

It is possible to create publicly readable files using Kinvey. I'm unsure of what platform you are using, but the documentation for how to do so with the REST API is located [here](

Like Pete said before, i am using exactly that in my application.

Uploading the file as a public readable and save the file-reference as "avatar" for the user. The image then is downloaded to the device of the user. (Combined with a function to check weather or not the file is already available on the device - if so just grab it.

Works like a Charm.

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