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Send a push notification from application ?


How could I send a push notification to the clients from the application I am developing ?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Yordan,

What SDK are you using? Have you seen our [documentation]( "documentation") on Push for the various platforms?
Hi Caroline.

I haven't checked the SDK's yet ( I am not sure where I can find them ). I am trying to implement it with Delphi XE6 currently.

And I am not looking about implementing the push notification on the clients, but I am looking about developing console from which I can sent the push notifications to the clients.
Have you seen our REST guide on Push?
I am a bit confused. This continues to looks like client side (the receiver), not the sender of pushs.
Hi Yordan, the behavior you're talking about isn't supported. The only way to send a push notification is from BL. Pete describes it on this thread:
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