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Pricing per Backend


Pricing model is "per backend" for Free, Indie and Business.

What does that mean? Per App? How do you define "per backend"?


Thank you, Caroline.
Hi Joe, That's correct-- the price is that way because it includes so much support, and other perks like Data Links, many collaborators, etc. If you're looking to create a lot of apps under a Business/Enterprise plan, I'd shoot a line and we'll be happy to chat about how we can help you meet your needs.
Hi Caroline,

Thanks. Yes, that answers it. Can you confirm that the 1500/Mo Business plan is for 1 App only? It just seemed a bit pricey.
Hi Joe,

The pricing is per "app". For example, with Starter, you get one environment to develop in; with Indie, you have two environments within a single "app" so you could have a development and production environment; and so on. Does that clear things up?
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