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Provide Demo on Data Link for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Hi Kinvey,

Can you please provide me end to end tutorial/demo viedo link on Data Link for Microsoft Dynamics CRM using PhoneGap platform.

The tutorial/ guide available on website is not much enough to understand the integration of your product.

So, Can you please provide me in more detail integration of your product.



Nagarjuna Dilip

Ni Nagarjuna, I'm just following up to close this out on the forum since we're supporting your question via email.

Hi Nagarjuna,

Were you able to connect Kinvey to Microsoft Dynamics 365? I'm looking to do the same and any help will be appreciated, please.



Hey Jag,

Thank you for showing interest in using Kinvey as a Backend provider! Could you please elaborate more on your case, so we can point you to the right direction? It should really be possible to match your interests with what Kinvey has to offer, so we just need to get the right info!

I'll be looking forward for your reply!



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