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Unable to add columns to collections via console

I created a few new collections and now I'm unable to add columns to any of them. The "Add column" button works and it appears to have added a column, but whenever I leave the collection and go back to it, all the columns I created are gone.

It also happens if I add a row and fill all newly created columns. When I go back to it, the columns are gone and only the _id, etc. are there.

Querying the API returns nothing as well.


  1. Are you using the new v5 Kinvey console?
  2. For which browser you are facing this issue? I tried adding new column in Chrome Version 57.0.2987.133 (64-bit) and I am not facing any issues.




How can I add data if the collumn is not appearing and that popup for column name is not hiding????

Hi Andre,

You need to add data into a column in order for it to persist. Does that make sense?
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