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Unable to add columns to collections via console

I created a few new collections and now I'm unable to add columns to any of them. The "Add column" button works and it appears to have added a column, but whenever I leave the collection and go back to it, all the columns I created are gone.

It also happens if I add a row and fill all newly created columns. When I go back to it, the columns are gone and only the _id, etc. are there.

Querying the API returns nothing as well.

Hi Andre,

You need to add data into a column in order for it to persist. Does that make sense?

How can I add data if the collumn is not appearing and that popup for column name is not hiding????


  1. Are you using the new v5 Kinvey console?
  2. For which browser you are facing this issue? I tried adding new column in Chrome Version 57.0.2987.133 (64-bit) and I am not facing any issues.




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