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ToS for my app's users


I'm finishing the 1st version of a webapp using kinvey as the BaaS, and I have two questions:

What TOS, privacy terms and/or terms of use I have to present to the users of my app?

This question comes to my mind because Kinvey has its IaaS partners to host the infrastructure.

What are the services Kinvey is using so I can inform my users of where _**is**_ their data? At least, so that they can accept some kind of terms.

Thank you very much,

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Hello Tony,

To answer your first question, our terms of service are available here: We also have a privacy policy that might help with some questions about how users data is handled: .

As for where our data is served from, that's not something that we are publicly disclosing at this time. Our typical answer to a question like this is "In the cloud". If you need something more specific than that, please feel free to reach out to me at

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