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Import Users

I am able to import csv/json for all my Collections except for Users. When i go to the Settings in the Users collection, there is no option to import/export. Does this feature not exist for Users?

You are right, I'm looking for the answer too.
Good morning all,

This is a feature that we have flagged as not working as intended, We are hoping to get this addressed in the next week or so,

It has been a couple weeks now, what is the status? In that time ya'll have deprecated all functionality in the legacy console so now importing users is impossible. This is a must have feature for me and my team.
Epau, We are addressing this in the coming weeks as part of this sprint. You should expect to see this fixed by 3/31 or before. Thanks,

This is something we are reviewing and working on at this time.   We are debating internally how to handle user passwords for import / export, and it's not really a simple issue to handle from a security perspective.   

I'll update then when we're moving forward again.   Thanks,

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